Monday, January 29, 2018

UPDATE - January 29

Tate speaking at the Enneagram Workshop


Fellows alum Christina Sandstedt
FOND FAREWELL. I had the honor of spending Monday with Christina as we traveled from Winston-Salem to Raleigh for her to embark on her new adventure as a Coast Guard Cadet. I'm so proud of this woman. Our nation feels safer already!

Rahel met us for lunch in Durham

We were able to have lunch with another Fellows alum, Rahel. She is finishing up her Masters in Business and Health Management at Duke. I'm proud of her too. 

Please pray for Christina! She is in Basic Training as I type this!!!

ROUND TABLE was hosted by our great friends Steve and Molly Lineberger. They whipped up my favorite Winston-Salem dish - the good old Chicken Pie. There were a lot of laughs around the dinner table as we shared stories about our childhood. Thanks Steve and Molly - y'all are the hosts with the mosts. 

A LITTLE MID-WEEK PRESENT thanks to our good friends at Wake Forest. 

Go Deacs!

The Fellows were offered tickets provided they root for the home team (not difficult for our Chapel Hill grads...) Unfortunately, the rooting came up a little short. 

LEADER LUNCH was with my friend C. J. Beatty. 

C.J. Beatty
C.J. is one incredible guy. He grew up here in Winston-Salem and grew to become a professional baseball player. After getting cut, he has taken that disappoint and channeled into a successful career as a motivational speaker and musician. 

Here is a single off his new album (with a cameo of our Mayor!)

Here are a couple nuggets I wrote down from our time together:

"God's answer is either: not right now or I got something better."

"Why not me?"

"You become the people you hang around. So ask yourself: would you trade lives with the people in your group? ...But you become the people you hang around!"

CJ had the right idea with the sunglasses!

Solid stuff. Thanks CJ!

After Leader Lunch, the Guys had small group, then we all met up at WSSU for the Vigil to honor Najee Baker. It was a solemn occasion. But it was an honor to stand with brothers and sisters to say - no more! We can do better. We can be better. 

THURSDAY I traveled to Chapel Hill for a recruiting trip. 

I ran into one of Tate's best friends

Praying that two dudes come from this journey. Come on Jesus!

feeling the winds of shifting...come on Lord!

FULL FRIDAY. We had a very full Friday. The gals had small group. Then, we had a full morning of classes. Then, lunch. Then, a three hour Enneagram session with Fil Anderson!

I forgot to take pictures. 



Here we are!
One hundred plus of us filled Redeemer's sanctuary for a great morning of teaching. I can't thank Fil Anderson enough for the thought and work he put into this event. 

We had folks from around the city, but also from as far as Williamsburg and Blacksburg, Virginia. So cool. 

The Fellows did an amazing job hosting the event and providing childcare. 

JP reads

Patrick rocking the rocking chair at the Enneagram Workshop
Tate and Sarah Wilkins shared about what being a Fellow is like. They killed it!
Thanks again Fil!

Afterwards, we had a little post game lunch at Bibs.

You are not seeing double: Morgan's twin was here!
Morgan's sister Madison and friends Delaney and Jess joined us as well as two Fellows boyfriends: Isaiah and Brendan!

Isaiah and Abbey

That night, several of us went to Awake Church for the Hydrating Humanity Benefit Concert with John David and Melissa Helser and the Uncaged Birds. SO COOL!

David didn't quite make it through

More pics later!


I just finished up a great interview with a potential Fellow. We have another interview on Wednesday, and we will be lining up another one for next week.

I'm also eagerly awaiting two applications from some guys who indicated they are applying!

Come on!

BY THE WAY - YOU ARE THE BEST RECRUITERS. Think about your network. Who in it needs something like this? Connect us!


We couldn't do this program without the generous support of the Fellows community. Thank you! And if you haven't yet joined the team - now is the perfect time!

Here is how!

Give online at

Or send a check to WS Fellows

WS Fellows
851 W. 5th St.
Winston-Salem, NC 27101



We are memorizing a verse a week - join us!


Monday - Round Table at the Trollingers

Tuesday - Speaking at Centenary Men's Group at Diamondback Grill at 8pm - Join us!

Wednesday - Leader Lunch with Lynn Brewer
                   - Small Groups
                   - Mentoring and Tutoring with GIDE
                   - Spending the night at Samaritan Inn

Thursday - The rest of us spend the night at Samaritan Inn

Friday - Small Groups
            - Classes
            - Lunch with Joe Moore

Friday-Saturday - Lia is Camp Doctor for YoungLives Camp. I'm Camp Spouse! Woo-hoo!!!

Keep praying for Winnie. She is holding steady for now...


Abbey and her mentor Betsy Turner

Ashley and her host family the Chases

Grace taking a River Oaks friend out for some Sweet Frog

Sweet message from Holy and Jon to Grace

Sarah and friend Sarah

A Classic Moment for those of you who read to the end!!!

thanks all! keep spreading the love

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