Monday, February 05, 2018

UPDATE - Week of Feb 5

Natalie at Samaritan Inn


Monday. Round Table. The Trollingers prepared us a perfect winter meal of Taco Chili. YUM! 

Deanne Trollinger Host Mom extraordinaire and Grace Mezzy

Jeff Trollinger Host Dad extraordinaire and Abbey Sams

As usual, a great night of worship. We also debriefed the Enneagram some more. Definitely feel like I know these guys better. Thanks again Fil Anderson for an amazing weekend workshop.

memory verse for the week...

Grace Mezzy thanks for the font

Tuesday. Diamond Back. I had a great time with the Centenary Guys. We talked life and the Fellows. Pray for us - these men want Centenary to join the Fellows here...let's see where this goes!

Wednesday. Leader Lunch. It was a two for one Leader Lunch with Dickie and Lynn Brewer. They both shared their stories while we tried to write almost every word down - it was that good. Thank you guys for having us over and for sharing your stories with us. 

So many memories in the back room

Here is Lynn and me circa 1998

Mount Crysalite (sp) Colorado
Lynn was the first person I knew in Winston-Salem. For some reason I may never know she chose me to come here to work with her. She was the best boss. And has became one of the best friends in my life. I love you Lynn - congrats on your retirement!


Tate and Morgan

We spent time working with Bill on brainstorming an event for the Spring. 

More news to come...

SAMARITAN INN. We split in half and volunteered at Samaritan Inn on Wednesday and Thursday night. Lots of fun was had by all. 

Abbey Morgan and Grace sporting the hair net

Tucker wearing a clock hat

Sarah and Natalie wearing matching aprons

Grace got busted for talking too loud during her shift
Ashley and Sarah still wearing their hair nets eat with some patrons

We had a great time. And I don't want to brag or anything but I did beat the guys in cards...

Friday. We bid adieu to Ben Milner and Joe Moore, our fabulous teachers. I did a bad job of getting a photo...sorry guys...but THANK YOU for teaching us. 


Julia Lovett getting an Erickson Love sandwich

 Lia was asked to be Camp Doctor for Young Lives Camp. I was Camp Doc Spouse which is about the best job in the world.

I got to see old friend Stu Nelson. The weekend turned into a recruiting trip however as there were over fifty USC students there. Come on Jesus! I'll take one!

ALSO. So proud of Julia Lovett, Fellows Alum and now a Young Lives Leader.

Here Julia is taking it for the team
Back at home

Abbey read scripture at church, led worship in big church and led worship for youth and the games - she basically ran River Oaks this weekend
And went with Abbey to see Carolina Play
Not to be outdone, Sarah Wilkins gave her testimony to the youth at First Pres

 Back at camp

Pamper Pole

Anna Rose beat me to the top

Anna Rose also was the safest go-kart driver - which made her dad very proud. 


Pure Joy

My beloved Eagles were victorious. 

I'm tearing up writing this!!! I did not go to anyone's Super Bowl Party. It was just me. And my stress. But we did it. WE DID IT!!!!




We are in the thick of it. We interviewed two great candidates last week, and we are interviewing another this coming weekend. 

We just got a guy application last night. I talked to him last week and got VERY excited. I'm waiting to hear back from two Chapel Hill guys as well. 

Keep praying! We are holding steady at 3 commits. I'm praying for 5 more commits by end of February. Come on!!! 


Thank you for supporting the Fellows. Your support keeps us going and growing! And we are poised to grow!!!

Mail Checks to 
WS Fellows
851 W. 5th St. 
WSNC 27101

or give online at


We are anticipating a relatively calm week. Ha! That's funny!

Round Table tonight is going to be at the WS Fellows office as our hosts for tonight have come down with the flu!!!

Leader Lunch is with Jade and Jessi Costen, owners of the Thruway Chifila and all around superstars!

Friday. I am teaching the Greensboro Fellows and giving the Winston-Salem Fellows the day off!!! They don't know this yet...

Then, my old friend from the UK Mike Palin is coming to visit me. We are taking David and some friends up to the cabin. Then, Saturday and Sunday Mike and I will be visiting with several youth ministries/ministers around town. 

It's Dave Dave's Birthday Friday!!!

Pray for New Fellows to Apply 6 guys. 6 gals. 
Pray for me as I work on a special project for the school system.

Thanks y'all!

Keep sharing the story. Keep spreading the love!!!

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