Tuesday, June 26, 2018

UPDATE Week of June 25

I spent all last week thinking it was the last week of June for some reason. So if you were like me - HAPPY BONUS WEEK!

A weekend wedding at the beach. I hope I never officiate a wedding this hot again!

Even with the extra week, I feel like this summer is zooming by. I'm doing my best to get my feet underneath me, but it isn't easy. 


it was hot as blazes this week!
Tuesday's interesting was my appointment at Wake Forest to undergo a nerve study on my right arm. A few years ago, I had surgery to remove a tumor near my shoulder. All went well. The only lasting side effect is that the top of my arm experiences numbness periodically; and when it touches something cold, it feels like it is wet! Strange. 

But the last few months I have been experiencing some tingling in my fingers, so the surgeon sent me to get a nerve study. Weird experience. Turns out I laugh when I'm shocked. 

All is well. 

Tuesday night is Swim Meet night in Winston-Salem
Thursday's interesting was a text I received from an old friend of mine who is looking for teenagers that do not use a smart phone or have a social media presence. (NOT EASY!) If you know someone who fits the bill...here is what to do:

He asked me to share this:

Would you mind posting the following: A friend of mine asked that I post the following about a project he is spearheading - Award winning production company is in the preliminary stages of producing a documentary about teenagers and technology. They are looking for a teenager anywhere in the U.S. that does not use a smart phone and does not use social media. Male or female, 14-17 years of age. This will be an incredible opportunity for any young person that will provide life changing experiences and the chance to form new and meaningful relationships. Interested parents/guardians should email mailto:techdocumentary@gmail.com

Friday's highlight was a visit with a former Board member, Charley Donohoe. Last year was a tough one. Charley had a seven pound tumor removed from his stomach and went through chemo. But he has lived to talk about it. What a warrior. Because of his health challenges he wasn't able to meet with the Fellows. I'm hoping that this year we will remedy that. 

Other SHOUT OUTS! Gardner Barrier, Jenny Fulton, Erika Quaile, Sarah Alexander, Jay McCabe, Matt Dixson, Alan Brown, Anissa Listek, Garrett Briggs, Adam Jones, Heather McGill, Ski Chelton, Michael Abbey, the Summer Stud crew and Barnes and Elizabeth Harris to name a few! What gifts!

This weekend I had the blessing of getting to reunite with the family I used to live with. Ann Shepard on the left was the flower girl in our wedding! She is now taller than me!!! Libby is on the right

And Clay is on my left - we could be brothers!

We are still looking for one more Fellow. Preferably, a female. If you know of one, please connect her to us. But we will take the right one, regardless of gender!

There are a few folks we are talking to, one happens to be international. Pray for us as we figure out what is best. 


Our Fellows are looking for jobs. These are hard working, highly gifted, passionate learners who will benefit your company or organization well beyond what you will pay them. 

Fellows work 3.5 days a week at below market rate. If you are interested in hiring one - let me know!

We are looking for a great opportunity for Tim Spangler. A graduate from Chapel Hill, Tim has gifts in teaching, professional writing, editing, and copyediting. This guy has some chops. Don't miss out on him!

Aly Hall is another one of our all starts. She went to West Point and Covenant Colleges where she studied political science and psychology. She is still discerning whether to pursue law or clinical psychology. She is open to working in either field, but is currently leaning toward opportunities in research or hands on exposure with psychology. 

Kelly Martin is also a college athlete (Aly played tennis. Kelly was a lacrosse player). She is currently working as a Physical Therapist Tech and is looking for an opportunity here in Winston-Salem to continue with Physical Therapy. Her plan is to eventually go back to school to get a masters degree in physical therapy. Any opportunity that would help her in that pursuit would be great!

If you are the possessor of other opportunities, please let me know. These are just three of the Fellows who are looking for meaningful work!


Thank you for keeping us in business! If you would like to join the team or continue your support of the Fellows please send a check to

Winston-Salem Fellows
851 W. 5th St
Winston-Salem, NC 27101

or give online at wsfellows.com/give


Making lots of connections.
Tuesday we are talking with our potential international Fellow
Wednesday we are meeting with the mentor and have meetings later that day
Thursday we are talking with Crossnore and Senior Services (separately) about ways we can collaborate. We also have our program committee meeting.
Friday we are hopefully heading out of town for some solitude.

Please pray for wisdom as we make decisions and plans for the coming year.

Also, please pray for Ashley from last year's class who suffered a concussion a few weeks ago and is still suffering from some of the side effects.


Anna Rose and Lia went to Camp Cheerio. We will miss you Anna Rose

David and I went to the beach

We clean up pretty good

thanks all. keep sharing the story and spreading the love!

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