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UPDATE week of December 3

When his strawberry guy photo bombed this picture he had no idea his face would be blasted to over 1000 people! hahahhahahaha


Really? Is there such a thing as normal?

I'll let you decide.

ROUND TABLE at Todd and Judy Smiths

Praying before our feast
Todd and Judy took one of the hardest Round Table slots - the one right after Thanksgiving and nailed it. What a night! Todd and Judy are host parents to Mathu.

Here Mathu is praying

It has been an awesome connection between Todd, Judy Mathu and the kids. The Smiths were great hosts, and the time I spent outside around the fire with some of the guys was some of the best time I've spent all year. Thank you!

Laura is giving me the stink eye for taking pictures during the prayer


Was a great day. I had breakfast with a dear friend. Then had my mid morning breakfast with Brian Dooley and his caregiver Dave. Brian is the man I am mentoring for Leadership Winston-Salem this year. He has an incredible story. He will be one of our speakers next spring for sure.

Brian and I
Dave and I

Then I had the chance to listen to Sandra Dolan speak to a capacity crowd about Salem College. And I got to sit next to Elwood Robinson when he stood up and gave one of the most inspiring endorsements I have ever heard. That is the spirit of collaboration that I love to brag about when I talk to folks about our city.

Then, that night, Lia and I had the chance to go and support the Community Care Center. What an great series of inspiring speakers. It is amazing what can happen when people give their time, talent and treasure for the common good. Thanks John for including us.

WEDNESDAY I forgot to get on the Middle East Conference Call - SORRY HUNTER!

Chuck, Liz and the people
I was too fired up about our Leader Lunch with Chuck Spong and his assistant Liz Kaiman. Chuck has lived one of those zig zag career lives that turns out to be this incredible weaving that has led to a perfect position for who he is.

Love Out Loud represents in so many ways what is best about humanity and what the true heart of God is for Winston-Salem.


Thanks Chuck for a great lunch. I love being in the Salt Box.

Afterward, I got to hand out with the guys at Dustin Heaths house. It was rockin. Thanks Dave and Dustin for your leadership.

Then, we had our Board Meeting over at the Hawthorne House. The temperature in the house was 52 when I walked in!!! It made the meeting shorter than usual.

Thanks Ben Jones for the almond bars. The Fellows devoured them in less than two minutes.


Started with a bang - maybe should pick another word - but it was powerful let me tell you at the Forsyth Jail and Prison Ministry Breakfast. J. Frank Harrison was the Keynote Speaker. The highlight was a video from a former inmate's dad. WOW!

this is Coca Cola' Consolidated's Purpose
It says:
To Honor God In All We Do
To Serve Others
To Pursue Excellence
To Grow Profitability

BLAM! Awesome.

I then went to breakfast two with Clay Cooke one of our Professors. Ben Jones crashed it which was cool of him.

Later I had the chance to check in with Brian Edmonds at River Oaks Community Church and Tripps Sanders at Redeemer Presbyterian.

These guys are providing great leadership this year. What a team.

Eric Mathis is no small potatoes
In between I had the chance to plant some who knows what at the Community Garden with my buddy Eric Mathis.

There are so many difference makers in our midst! I can't hardly stand it.


We only had one class. Giorgio Hiatt brought the heat. He showed us this video he has been working on that is top secret. Let me tell you - when it goes public - it is going viral!

After class, we had our customary debrief lunch. It was so mice, we ate outside.

Later that afternoon, we went to Juggheads to drink beer to raise money for GIDE.

The man and the myth

Garrett and I were part of the early crowd

Mathu was getting festive!


Was the running of the Mistletoe Half Marathon.

Laura pre-race 
Laura coming in sub 2hrs

Lia also rocked the half 
Kelly coming off of knee surgery did the 5k

As did David and I who broke 30 minutes for the first time. 

Later. Anna Rose went for her D3 Certification.

Cross Country 

Nailed it

That night we continued our tradition of first Saturday of December Breakfast for Dinner with our dear friends the Rudnickes. 

The Fellows made some kind of chocolate thing and watched Hot Rod. 

nice fail!


Andrew Miller gave his testimony at youth group.

Kelly with the stealth photo

The Hope Fellows did the Lighting of the Advent Wreath (I have a video of it - but it refuses to post! Aaargh)
A nice normal week...


We would love your support! As you consider where to make your end of year gifts - consider the Winston-Salem Fellows. Be part of the revolution!

Checks payable and mailable to
Winston-Salem Fellows
851 W. 5th St
Winston-Salem, NC 27101

or give online at


Is coming along. We extended another offer last week to an outstanding candidate. I've got a phone call later today with another, and a coffee date with another tomorrow. Come on!

If you know of someone who would benefit a year of meaningful work, equipping at the highest level, and a community of support (who doesn't), please connect them to me.


Round Table at the Wilsons with real Memphis Barbeque
Leader Lunch with Dr. Anthony Atala
Class with Clay and Giorgio 
And the Candle Tea 


We will see next week on the UPDATE!

Aly with her extend-o arms

that's better

Shout out to Jade and Jessie who slaughtered the Sacramento Marathon over the weekend

Even Eric's phone is bio-biodegradable

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