Monday, December 31, 2018

UPDATE December 31

Happy New Year Everyone!

Greetings from Columbus, Ohio

It is T-minus eight hours until the ball drops and about T-minus one hour before we begin the night's festivities, so I thought I'd send out a couple photos from this past week. 

The Fellows are off and will get back to business on January 2nd for our Winter Advance (Fellows don't Retreat)

If you don't want to scroll through photos - at least check out this video from the Chinese Lights 



Pilot Mountain
The day began early with Phillip Summers and his brother in law Bryan. 

And a three and a half hour run all over Pilot Mountain. 

Tag along

David was a wiseman at church
Silent Night

By the church Christmas Tree


Poor Lia got coal

She also had to work all week...bummer!

We managed to get her out on a Christmas hike at Hanging Rock

The dogs came too
Hidden Falls

Was a nice balance of meetings and family time. 


We headed to Columbus, Ohio for a few days with family 

Our newest niece, Juliet

You mess with the bull - you get the horns

Oh wait. Were those spirit fingers?

Chinese Christmas Lights

Who knew there was such a thing


The family that climbs rocks together

Rocks are my happy place - even fake ones
In Columbus they celebrate the balloon drop on Dec 30


I think that mustache is upside down?

ARo gets a horse balloon animal - of course!

David still had the Chinese Lights on his mind

It is more chaotic than even this picture portrays

today we went to the science museum called CoSi

The T-Rex had feathers - what! #mindblown

Monarchs are poisonous?

The Great Green Arch

Watch when it falls down!

Tonight we are going to have a lip sync battle family style. 

We will be asleep by midnight - guaranteed. 

Tomorrow, we will be heading home in time to watch the Rose Bowl. 

January 2nd at 12pm - Winter Advance Begins!!!!!!!

Happy New Year!

Thanks for sharing the story and spreading the love.

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