Monday, January 07, 2019

UPDATE Week of January 7

They're Back!


We just got back from our midway Re-Orientation Winter Advance down at Kure Beach near Wilmington. 

Jumping for joy! Even Tim who is jumping on the inside.

If you notice that Bryan wasn't in our group photos - he unfortunately had to leave early because he was in a wedding. This is his sad face. I'm sure there are lots of photos of him at the wedding though...

You were missed Bryan!!!

It was five days of reconnecting as we gave each other the space and time to share life our life stories. There were plenty of laughs and plenty of tears.

At the end of it all - we fell even more in love as a group and were overwhelmed with a knowledge of our acceptance and our belonging to each other.

Can't wait to see where that commitment will take our community.

I also believe that stories can change the world. And let me tell you - these Fellows have some amazing stories to share!

Cooking Teams

Each night the Fellows teamed up to plan and cook dinner
Bacon, Brown Sugar, Cream Cheese Pepper Poppers! YUM!!!
Pesto Pasta to die for! Thanks Ashby for the recipe!

Wake N Bake Donuts - sometimes I forget how short I am!!!

Trent digs in to a Purple Haze

Tim and Kelly
Loud and Proud
Seriously, feeling small y'all!

Were cloudy and dreary. The rain dumped down Friday night. 

Fort Fischer Excursion
Natural Jungle Gym
Three Amigos

Not easy to get Trent to come down


Game night with the Holdsworths

Mother and Daughter


Chanice prays with Aly before Aly shares her life story
The weather finally turned sunny!

We picked up some friends along the way
Carolina Beach State Park
Do not try this at home or away from home
What a day!

Trent, Garrett and I did the Polar Plunge

Golden Hour

We ran out to the beach to take photos

The Gals

Andrew and Ned

The man, the myth

The legend - Mathu Gibson

Andrew Miller

Laura Johnson

wait for it...

Trent Hancock

wait again...

Tim Spanger

Trent and Andrew

Aly Hall

Ned Erickson

Bookended by some serious men

Kelly and Aly

Kelly and Trent

Selfie time

Didn't expect that!

Life is Bueno

Christian McConnon

toward the future

Kelly Martin

Christian McConnon. Photo Bomb Credit: Garrett Briggs


Caught the sunrise next to this dude who welcomed the morning by playing his conch shell. #bestwaytostarttheday


We got back in time for me to goto small group, then a worship meeting, then watch the Eagles eek out a victory up at Soldier Field.


David made a Bottle Rocket with Vinegar and Baking Soda


The Family Performed up in Columbus for New Years


THANK YOU! To all of you who supported us in 2018 - THANK YOU!!!

For all of you who want to get an early start on 2019 - Here is how

Send checks to
Winston-Salem Fellows
851 W. 5th St
Winston-Salem, NC 27101

or give on line at


Monday - Round Table at Bill and Myrtie Davis'

Wednesday - Leader Lunch with Jay Helvey and resuming Community Service

Thursday - Interviewing a Potential Fellow!

Friday - Two New Classes! Theology of Work with Rob Alexander and Business Ethics with Jack Wilkerson

Then the fun begins!!!

Saturday - Year One Fellows Reese and Julia are getting MARRIED!!!!!

Praying the snow holds off!

Thanks you all! Keep sharing your story and spreading the love everywhere you go.

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