Friday, October 05, 2007

1st Fourteener

The family, minus Winnie the Dog, headed back to Anna Rose's native land of Colorado a few weeks back. I had some business to get done for the Sun Valley Youth Center (one of the coolest groups with whom I had the pleasure of working), which was the impetus behind the trip. However, the "real" reason we ventured west was to take our daughter up her 1st fourteen thousand foot peak. (Psyche. It was to see friends and get some Kaladi Coffee.) We managed to do them all.

We summited Mount Evans, the closest in proximity to Denver. She is an inviting mountain. One of the things I like about her is that she offers a route for anyone, everything from pavement to class 5 leads. We took the short route up a shoulder from Summit Lake with our Lifer friends the Kobergs and Kleagers. And Anna Rose was a true champ. She made it to the top with out a Pip or Squeak (and she is both). And if it hadn't been gusting on top, sending the temperature lower than anything our Carolina warm blood had felt in almost two years, we would have been fine. In fact, we were. Annie just started screaming that's all. I ended up cradling her in my arms, a position in which she immediately fell asleep. I didn't have the heart to rearrange. So down the mountain we went - Anna Rose snoring, me fretting the next move. Mercifully, I only fell once and was able to contort my body in a position never before that moment attempted. She didn't even stir.

It was a great time. Congrats to Kelly Koberg in particular. It was her first fourteener as well. Thanks y'all!

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