Tuesday, October 23, 2007

NEWS! Lower Providence

After four years, I have just finished my first draft of my first novel, Lower Providence. The next months and years (hopefully not) will now be devoted to convincing someone to publish it.

What's it about it? I get that question a lot, and I need to come up with a better answer. Simply, it is a coming of age story about two boys growing up just outside of Philadelphia in the 1980's. But it is also a story of love and fear and brokenness and hope. And it is in some ways mostly the story about the hidden hand of God - of lower providence...a providence that "meets us in the dark recesses and the messes we have made of ourselves. And maybe we see it, and maybe we don’t. And it may never explain itself, it doesn’t say a thing, like it was necessarily, imperatively mysterious. It is lower providence. And it touches us on the everydays, directing us down the long, wide river like the passive fallen leaves of autumn. And it may drown us or save us or break us. It may do all. And it will often leave us uncertain and always leave us changed. And that providence may be the most divine of all."

I'm tempted to write more, but for now I'll leave it at that. And if you wouldn't mind praying for open doors, I'd much appreciate it.

Stay tuned...

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