Wednesday, October 31, 2007

a halloween poem for you

It’s Halloween!
And it can’t be beat
There is no better day
To do tricks and get treats.
And get dressed in costumes
And walk around town
And get so much candy
You weigh it in pounds.
This year I will go as
A blithe buccaneer
With a patch on my eye
And a ring in my ear,
Or maybe I’ll dress
As a slick unicorn
With a mop for a mane
And a pole for a horn,
Or maybe a tiger
Or maybe a ghost
Or maybe a wizard
Or maybe some toast.
I really don’t care
I'm in it for treats
As long as they’re chocolate
Or nutty or sweet.
Oh Halloween! Halloween!
Halloween! Halloween!
It’s the best holiday
If you know what I mean!

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