Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Charlie and Nicole

Our China friends Charlie and Nicole came to visit us over the weekend for their fall break. They go to Pittsburgh State University, which is in Kansas. Go Gorillas!

It was so great to see them. On Thursday we flew kites, played with the kiddos, and went out to eat. We brought along our photos from our trip to their home and relived some great memories.

Charlie did it to me again and pressured me into eating something WAY over my hot threshold.

Friday morning, I showed them around Winston. We ate hotdogs and chips. Then we took Anna Rose to a farm where they had hayrides and a corn maze.

These were all firsts for Charlie and Nicole. We navigated the Corn Maze, bounced along the hayride, raced rubber duckies, picked out pumpkins, played tether ball (I was merciless), and we shot at targets with a corn cannon. Nicole was the best! This photo was taken a second after she exploded the farthest target.

That night we carved pumpkins (another first for Charlie and Nicole).

Dave Dave got sick.

By the way, give a brother a break and tell him he has a piece of spinach as big as Alaska between his teeth.

So the next morning, instead of us all going hiking, just Charlie, Nicole, Anna Rose and I did. We met up with about ten friends from Wake Forest. I forgot to put my card back in the camera so I am pictureless until Elizabeth Jay, ahem, sends me her pictures, hint, hint.

We had to go straight from Pilot Mountain to the airport. I made a critical error in judgment and my "short cut" nearly caused us to miss the flight. Thank goodness that Greensboro airport is about the least busy airport in America.

What a trip. This is what Charlie wrote Lia on Facebook.

"All right, thanks. I went to a happiness family on my fall break, they are so nice and I had a wonderful time there."

I love it! "Happiness Family"

All I have to say is thank God for our happiness friends.

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