Thursday, October 14, 2010


I'm starting to get to that age when I am running up against the reality that I'm getting old. Like my age for instance. I'm 36 now. If you round, that's 40. 40 is old. I'm basically 40.

Then last week I was bouldering with some college students over at Wake Forest. We went at it for about an hour, and we're sitting there on the pads chewing the fat and I realize I am twice these guys' age. TWICE!

Then there's the fact I'm getting all these nagging injuries. I have bursitis in my left foot. I ganked the sole of that same foot bouldering. I threw my back out carrying Dave Dave on my shoulders. Is this the way its going to be?

Then there's last Saturday. My favorite all time Young Life class - Tabor, Class of 2000, had their 10 year reunion. 10 years! Most of these dudes are married now. Several of them have kids. On Saturday we played pick up just like old times. Boy, did I stink. I mean seriously. I looked and played like a 36 year old gimp.

Wait, I am a 36 year old gimp. Ugh. I was just being myself! Ugh. Seriously, I played awful. For instance, first game, we are playing to 25 by twos and threes. We are up 24 - 16. I come in off the bench. We lose 26-24. I'm not kidding. I single-handedly was responsible for 8 of their points. I actually passed the ball to the wrong team one time. It was humiliating.

I was talking to my dear friend Alan yesterday. He says two things can happen when we get old. We either despair or get wise. Listening to him, I realized quickly which direction yours truly is heading. Oh brother.

But there is beautiful thing about age. Because, you know, I'm sitting there at Five Guys afterward the game. I'm watching these fellas. I'm seeing how much they have grown - how mature they've become - how loving they are to their spouses, their kids - how they are using their gifts for great things - and I am sitting there soaking that reality in...I realize how blessed I one day, we're going to be sitting around a heavenly banquet table, hopefully eating Five Guys fries, or something of the like, and it's going to be just like this but better. How 10 years ago I never would have imagined to have such amazing friends. Men of the DASH - I love you guys...(I promise between now and your 20 year reunion to practice me jump shot.)

Go Spartans.

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We love you too Ned