Tuesday, October 05, 2010

So sorry

I apologize. I've totally dropped the ball on my blog. I promise to pick it up again. Part of the reason is that I have just started another one. Check it out: jesusnugget.blogspot.com

I'll put a link to it over on the right.

As for nederickson.blogspot.com, October will have several entries.

I need to tell you about my birthday present trip on the Wonderland Trail in Washington state. I need to chronicle the Tabor alumni basketball game this upcoming weekend. We also hope to host our China friends Charlie and Nicole later this month. And of course we have Halloween to look forward to (We already have Anna Rose's costume). So go and check jesusnugget every day. And check back here once a week or so. I should have some good stuff uploaded soon.

Peace out,


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