Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Gangstas in the House

Yesterday, the fam went on a walk to find puddles. On the way, A-Ro and Dave Dave decided to make things more interesting by making guns out of sticks so they could shoot stuff.

...this was just about the time the cop car drove by...

...which inspired these words to come forth out of my daughter's mouth:

"BAM! BAM! I just shooted the police!"

Dave Dave smiled, pointing his stick-gun at me: "Bam! Bam! Daddy."

It was then I officially tossed that dream of my children one day winning the Nobel Peace Prize out the window.

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Anonymous said...

I succeed for about nine years to have my kids never play with guns (you know, fake ones like sticks or whatever). Then we studied the Oregon Trail and played the computer game to go along with it. You have to hunt along the way for fresh meat. That introduced them to it. Then they started play acting Oregon trail and they started shooting at each other because the driver would shoot the one being the draught animal which got injured. It's all been downhill from there though we still try and keep them from ever pretending to shoot a person. Samuel and Peter spent a lot of time pretending to hunt squirrels at mom and dad's house.