Wednesday, March 07, 2012


We traded Anna Rose in for a robot. It happened Monday evening. It was an impulse decision. But it turned out great. Robot is obedient, cordial, and low maintenance. Best of all, it has an "off" button.

Instead of food, we simply have to recharge its batteries. Occasionally it requires a little WD-40 around the joints. And Tuesday morning we had a unfortunate mishap with one of its eyes. But on the whole, Robot has been a splendid addition to the family Erickson.

It didn't take long, however, for us to miss Anna Rose. Although she is not always obedient and cordial, could never be described as "low maintenance", and when God put her together, he forgot the "off" button - there's something about her...

Anna Rose has that je ne sais quois that maddens you but also makes you madly love her. 

Not to mention it only takes spaghetti to recharge her batteries. So in the end, we decided to get Anna Rose back. The house was too quiet with out her.

We kept Robot.

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Rich and Renee Erickson said...

I can see why you would miss Anna Rose. I do. I'm sorry the phone conversation didn't work out on Saturday. Another time. mom