Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Big News from Anna Rose

Anna Rose and I were waiting at the doctor's office for something unrelated to what this blog is about when something strange and wonderful happen: something moved in her mouth. I said, "Anna Rose, is something in your mouth?" She shook her head. Suddenly, it dawned on me what it was: her tooth!

It was wiggling around. I said, "Anna Rose, do you have a loose tooth?" "No Daddy,"she said. I saw it again! I said, "Anna Rose, I think you have a loose tooth. Open up." So she opened up and sure enough there it was. I wiggled it for her. 

Her eyes widened in glorious revelation. She shouted: "I'm growing up!" I said, "Yes, sweet girl, I think you are."

Growing up has been a top priority lately.
Coincidentally, I was chatting with my mother this morning, relating to her the great news when she related to me my first words after my first tooth came out. I had said with all the glee a six year old could have (this is a quote): "I never thought this would happen to me!"

Well, it did for Anna Rose on Monday. She had mentioned to me after I picked her up from school that the tooth seemed a little extra wiggly that day. I took that as a sign. So we went out on the porch, and I gave it a little back and forth tug. (Anna Rose is very trusting.) I could tell it was about to topple. As much as I wanted them, I decided to give her the honors. I told her to get her finger nail underneath and pull. She did. Once. Twice. And on the third time, Pop! Out it came.

What a moment! Our little girl truly is growing up faster than the grass in my lawn (which I'm about to mow for the second time this week - spring is for the birds, I tell ya.) - for more see Love and Hate

The same thoughts come to mind about parenting, about the fact Anna Rose is growing up so fast and so beautifully. It's crazy. It's crazy they let me do this. Crazy what it's done to my heart. Crazy what it's done for it.  

Anna Rose asked me a week ago if I liked being a parent. I said, "Well, there are things I really like about it, and there are other things I don't like at all." She said, "So being a parent is hard but good." I smiled as I looked back at her in the rearview mirror. "Yes Anna Rose, parenting is very hard and very good." 

When you think about it, most worthwhile things are.

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