Thursday, November 08, 2012

Product Placement

Couple weeks ago, I went on a retreat with some high schoolers up at the Vineyard. We had an awesome time.

The speaker was awesome (me). The music was awesome (also me). Basically, I'm awesome. Take my word for it.

But all my awesomeness in the end was trumped by Jet-Puffed Jumbo Mallows. They're about three times the size of regular marshmallows, and frankly at first,  I was disappointed with them.

I strongly believe that marshmallow roasting perfection is a golden brown exterior and a completely gooey middle. Those of you who believe that charred marshmallows taste best are simply impatient. That's all there is to it.

Unfortunately, these giant marshmallows make quality roasting nearly impossible. And I was beleaguering the point to my friend Charles when all of the sudden he chucks a jumbo puff across the fire, hitting his daughter in the face.

"Dad!" she cried, picking up the marshmallow and chucking it back. It made a nice, satisfying thud. The next thirty minutes were the best fall snowball fight in history.

I can't remember having a better time with marshmallows.


Rich and Renee Erickson said...

What sweet fun:)

BearBear said...

I think of Dennis the Menace whipping his blazing marshmallow and stick around to put it out and it flies over the fence amd hits his grump neighbor (what's his name) in the forehead. HEH. Best to do it this way instead.