Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Taking the Plunge

Ah. The Waffle House, where all great dreams begin.

It was an appropriate subject for my first picture on my new phone, no phone is not the word for it - high capacity digital media rectangle - that's better - it's like if Disney World was shrinked to the size of a cigarette box.

Last week, Lia and I "upgraded" to high capacity digital media rectangles. I am not ready to call these contraptions "smart" yet - at least not in regard to the decision to get one. But they are pretty snazzy.

And like most plunges Lia and I have taken in our life, we have gone all-in with this one. We are facebooking, instagramming, angry-birding, even tweeting! this, coming from a guy who thought # meant pound.

(Confession. I actually thought the word was "splashtag.")

I still don't know what it does - but it hasn't stopped me from slapping them on every tweet I've tweeted so far.

So anyway, it feels great to be back on the blog. The platform has served me well. So, until next time - happy tweeting.

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