Monday, April 27, 2015

Mission Emanuel Part 2 - Loud Mouth

So my big moment happened pretty early in the trip. Within 15 hours of arriving, I was preaching in front of a church who only understood Spanish. Fortunately, I had Pedro, an excellent translator, who is known for "helping out" pastors by putting his own spin on their remarks. 

This was a comfort to me on many levels. I had never preached before like this, and it was nice to know Pedro would give them a good sermon whether I gave one or not. 

As it turned out, Pedro gave me quite the compliment. Pulling me aside afterwards, he said, "I used your words." He meant it as a compliment I think. Like, normally he didn't

Later that week, Pedro told me that he had been taking credit for my sermon. A compliment, I think. He asked for a copy of my notes. 

Monday, I again had the chance to get in front of a whole lot of Dominicans. This time, in costume and in character. I was El Guapo, which according to the movie The Three Amigos means "the handsome." Unfortunately, in the Dominican Republic "el guapo" means "the bully." No wonder all the kids tried to fight me…

Somehow I managed to survive the culture clash and facilitate some good times. 

It helped that I look (and I am) harmless.

Our stage was the base of a hill occupied by pigs. 
Only once did they disrupt (to the delight of the crowd).

We had a blast, and the whole team delivered. 

A special shout out to the Orlandons…Also to Ginny Evans for her amazing crafts…

and for master teacher Jim Weiss. 

Also for all of our translators: Dorca, Carolina, Emmanuel, and of course Pedro.

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