Monday, November 14, 2016

UPDATE Week 12 Year 1

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.

Welcome to the Fellows Update...Mountains to Sea Edition

Christina and Reese doing the starfish

Rahel and Jessica on the rock at Pilot Mountain
For those of you readers who are looking for yet another reason to apply to the Winston-Salem Fellows - consider the above two pictures: where else can you day trip to the beach and the mountains? 

It really is great to be a Fellow.


Round Table was hosted by Chad and Caroline Brown. Thanks guys! In fact, not to up the ante or anything, but the Browns installed a back patio meeting space and fire pit just for us! Ok. Not just for us. BUT! We were given the privilege of being the first people to use it! WOW!

All was not perfect, however. Poor Jessica suffered another car accident. She is doing well all things considered. The next day we counted the things that have not changed: God still loves her. We still love her. Her family still loves her. She still has a job. She still has a home. She still has her health. She still has all her books! All she lost was a car.

Her parents, Bill and Cheryl, are amazing, by the way. They drove down from Chicago Wednesday to provide Jessica with "new" wheels as much as a 2000 Grand Marquis can be considered new. They stayed until Saturday, and I have to admit that the time spent with them Friday afternoon at Tart Sweets was the highlight of my week. 

We prayed a lot during Round Table. For Jessica. For our dear Fellows friends the Perry's, who lost a mother, and for Peter Barnes, who lost Lorie. As well as for our country. We confessed to each other that around 5:30pm something ominous seemed to cloud over Forsyth County. We weren't sure what it meant. But we prayed hard against whatever it was.

Tuesday, Will Troxler and I stayed up late to watch the election results. Jaws dropped. 

Leader Lunch on Wednesday was hosted by one of Winston-Salem's superstars: Jen Brown, the Engaging Educator. Jen uses improv to help businesses and organizations better communicate. 

Her story is incredible. Then, afterward, she workshopped us to the ground. Never knew how much I ummed...sorry y'all!

You should hire her for your next professional development day. Click here for her website.

Thursday, Campbell Anderson, Melissa Martin, and I headed to the HQ (it's like Flywheel but in Greensboro) for a Networking Event put on by the Greensboro Fellows and the Center for Creative Leadership. I strategically did not bring the Fellows so as not to have any of them recruited to live in Greensboro! Ha! Just kidding. 

Campbell works at Flywheel, and it was sweet to connect him to a bunch of young entrepreneurs living in the Triad. 

Afterward, I introduced Campbell to one of my favorite eating establishments: Beef Burger!

God Bless Paul Barclay who introduced me to this joint

Friday after class, the Fellows were given a behind the scenes tour of Goodwill Industries.

My friend Karen with Reese, Campbell, Will, Christina, Sean, Patti Stanford (Career Connections Manager), Jessica, Julia, Alex, Rahel, Dakota and me
I highly recommend getting the tour.

AND shopping there! Check out this score:

Millenium Falcon shirt $1.25
Alex and Reese jealous of my shirt. Just kidding. They are doing their best to blend in at the Art Park on Liberty Street


A VERY quiet week on the fundraising front.

Let's make some noise people!

Click Here to Donate Online


Mail a check to

Winston-Salem Fellows
851 W. 5th Street
WSNC 27101

Thanks guys.

Let's make it ThanksGIVING season!


We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give. Winston Churchill

The Fellows are gearing up to serve this week!

Tuesday, Fellows will be engaged in not one, not two, but three service opportunities in the area.

Wednesday's Leader Lunch will be with the best Prayer Warrior I know Lanie Ehlinger!

Thursday, we are joining Mission Emanuel for a fundraising barn party.

Friday, we are lunching with Love Out Loud...then participating in a TOP SECRET MISSION.

Sorry. Can't tell you.

Wednesday we also have a monthly Board meeting.

I also continue to do my One-On-Ones with Fellows and Mentors. I have two this afternoon!

Prayer Requests:
- Chris and Virginia Perry and the loss of his mother. (One cool thing: Camille Stogner had the privilege of being her CNA for the last couple months of her life)

- Peter Barnes and the First Presbyterian Family as they mourn the loss of the beautiful, inspiring Lorie Barnes

- My friend Doug.

- Pray for RECRUITING! We have two applicants. I'd love to have six by month's end. Pray for the right Fellows to apply, and that we have a full class by the Spring.

(Pray for Reese and me as we go to Davidson on a recruiting trip tomorrow!)

- Pray for me and Lia. I have accidentally committed to four straight 12+ hour days for work. Not good.

Thanks y'all!!!!

Keep sharing the story and spreading the love.

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