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UPDATE Year 1 Week 11

This may have been my favorite Fellows week so far. 


Camille looks on as Dakota and I try...I'm not sure what we're trying...
It culminated at Camp Oak Hill in Oxford, North Carolina, at the Regional Micah 6:8 Fellows Retreat. I have been having a lot of these lately - but driving into camp Friday I had to pinch myself once again as the memories came flooding back of driving there last year without a Fellows Program, wondering with Lia whether this dream would ever come to pass - to suddenly, this year, showing up with 11 of the coolest young men and women in the country. 

It is safe to say, we took camp by storm. 

Not only did we win the coveted Ultimate Frisbee Tournament Championship, we won every game with a margin of victory of at least five! Not only that - we did it wearing Pooping Rainbow Emoji Shirts!!! 

Blame it on the miserliness of the Fellows Director. Wouldn't you believe, these Poop Emoji Shirts were only $4.75 a piece!

Julia, Camille, Rahel, Jessica, Christina, Will, Dakota, Sean, Reese, Ned, Alex, and Campbell
Clearly, we were not the best dressed. We weren't even the most talented. But we were the best team. That made me proud. We played with heart and will and a mutually affirming attitudes. Enjoy a few more pics from the tourney...

Doing our best Pooping Rainbow faces

Getting fired up before the game

Reese playing tight D

Dakota knocking the pass down

Will looking long

Julia showing her vertical

Davidson Wildcats

Never been lifted on shoulders before

The thrill of victory

Blinded by the light

Sweet Victory

A special welcome to my female assistant for the weekend, Shannon Rainey!

It was a great weekend. We met Fellows from all over the country. The Keynote Speakers were John Richmond and Bill Fullilove. 

John, a Wake grad, was awarded Federal Prosecutor of the Year honors and now runs his own think tank called the Human Trafficking Institute. To say he was inspiring is an understatement. You couldn't have a better speaker on Acting Justly, Loving Mercy and Walking Humbly than John...except perhaps Bill Fullilove, who spoke on Sunday morning Bill start the Capitol Fellows in DC and teaches at RTS in Manhattan with Tim Keller. 

Not a bad line-up. Thanks Trinity and Raleigh Fellows for putting it together!

Saturday night was Skit Night. We performed an "Explosive Skit" that people will be talking about for years to come (I'd show it here, but it is not exactly suitable for all audiences!)

Sean Henderson surprised all of us by secretly volunteering to share a piece he had been working on...


All in all - an incredible weekend. 


I'm working my way backwards through the week. On Friday we had two amazing things pre-conference that I must tell you about. 

First, we had our first class with Jack Wilkerson on Career, Ethics, and Morality. All I can say is that I can't wait till next week!

Next, the Fellows headed to Chapel Hill to take part in the First Ever Wilberforce Conference put on by my great friend Madison Perry and the Center for Christian Studies in Chapel Hill. 

We had the opportunity to hear and meet people like Steve Garber, author of the formative book Visions of Vocation, and Tom Darden, Founder of the Cherokee Group. We also had the chance to participate in panels on Taking Risks and Creativity and Innovation and Faith and Health.  

Julia Reese and Alex in one of the break out panel sessions
The only negative was that we had to leave before the barbeque and bluegrass music.



After the Fellows worked at their respective jobs, we all met up at the SECU Family House for Leader Lunch with the Executive Director Kathy Carr. 

Kathy apologetically told us she was not a great presenter - then went on to blow us away with her inspiring story. Thanks Kathy! If you have never been to the Family House, you are missing out. They are making a huge impact for folks who are in town to care for their loved ones at Forsyth Medical and Baptist. (Sadly no pics)

From there, we headed to the Center for Creative Leadership. 

A look into Rahel's Network
We studied networking and practiced elevator pitches. 

Diane Reinhold from CCL and Julia
These gals met two months ago!!!
From CCL, our day wasn't over. Tripp Graziano and I (mostly Tripp) had worked out a special Fellows Grub over at our dear friends' Charlie and Ruth's. 

If you don't know about Charlie and Ruth, check out City 616 and be inspired. 

A few times a month, Charlie and Ruth open up their house (which happens to be the top floor of an old hotel) to fifty friends and strangers to share a meal with them. 

This Wednesday, I was flanked by an Operator of the New York City Subway System and a homeless guy who just got out of jail two weeks ago and across from a Syrian who is here on a student visa. 


A table set for 50
After dinner, we went into a room for worship and prayer. 

Thanks Charlie and Ruth!

Then, it was back to Winston-Salem for a few hours nap for the guys to wake up before 6AM to attend the Joe Gibbs Breakfast at the YWCA! 


A wild and wonderful 24hours to be sure. 


For Halloween, we skipped Round Table so that Fellows who live with kids could go trick-or-treating or help out back at home so families could trick-or-treat. 

Christina, Jessica, Rahel and others came to our house so Lia and I could trick-or-treat as a family. I can't tell you how meaningful that was to us.

Christina as heself. Jessica as Chips, and Rahel was Salsa!
Julia was a ghost with the Glenn children

David as Emmet from the Lego Movie, and Anna Rose with Hunter the Bunny as Vampire and Bunnicula!


Another strong week brought in another $4,400 of new donations and pledges, bringing our total to $14,170 for the 2016-17 budget year! THANK YOU!!!

We have jumped to 35% of our goal. 

If you are ready to donate, mail your check to the 

Winston-Salem Fellows
851 W. 5th Street
WSNC 27101


 Lia has been in Phoenix, Arizona this week, posting pictures like this:

She told me this morning that they had an Uber ride from hell - in the form of a baby chihuahua that jumped from lap to lap biting them! Ha!

Tuesday night could not come quicker.

David finished up a great soccer season. Thanks Ben for coaching them up for the last game!


This week, we are calming things down so I can focus on one-on-ones with Fellows, Mentors, Business Partners, and Church Leaders.

Monday, Round Table at the Browns

Tuesday, there is an election.

Wednesday's Leader Lunch and Workshop with Jen Brown (a different Brown than Monday), the Engaging Educator! (I'm also going to see her speak at Rotary on Tuesday!)

Friday, class with Cathy and Jack, then an insider's tour of Goodwill Industries.

Should be fun.

ALSO! We just received our first application! Woo-Hoo!

Which leads us to PRAYER!

- Pray the Lord will lead the right group of men and women to this program
- Pray for the Director that he would stay near to Jesus
- Pray for those praying about investing in us.
- Pray for all the details.
- Pray for a good transition back home for Lia.

Thanks y'all. Keep sharing the story and spreading the love.

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