Monday, December 12, 2016

UPDATE Year 1 Week 16

Seasons Greetings from the Fellows!

The Fellows at the Black Nativity
If a door won't open, find a window to jump through...

We were framed!
Thanks to the Stogners, who once again provided a delectable meal for Round Table. Tonight we will be having our last Round Table of the year at our house, a little breakfast for dinner to be followed by a White Elephant gift exchange. Woo hoo!

A BIG THANK YOU to Melissa Phipps, Vice President of Patient Services at Novant, and her team, who hosted one of the best Leader Lunches we have had this fall. Melissa's passion for patient advocacy was truly inspirational. We are lucky to have women like her in leadership, particularly in Health Care. One day we will need it - and because of her vision - you and I will receive the care we deserve! 

Sorry for the form photo - another fail...
Thank you to friends of the Fellows, Jay Helvey and Kevin Miller, for inviting the Fellows to your Christmas party.

Rahel enjoying the spread (Photo Bomb cred: Kevin and Beth Frack)
I was impressed with Jay, who had just come off what appears to be an intense "work retreat" attended by Will Troxler, one of our Fellows.


The Fellows with Ron Pegram and Bill McClain
I'm excited to announce a new partnership! The Fellows are joining forces with Ron Pegram, Executive Director of KidzXtreme, and Bill McClain, Executive Director of G.I.D.E. (Guiding Institute for Development Education). 

We are undergoing six hours of training that will equip us to mentor with these organizations. 

In addition, next semester our Fellows will be performing three Action Projects for these organizations! These include:
  • Creation and Formatting of a Mentor Curriculum  
  • Development of a Volunteer Recruitment Strategy
  • Upgrading of their Communications both print and online
These Fellows are up to the task. At the same time, we have so much to learn! Three hours into this exemplary training - I have learned that there is a WHOLE LOT MORE I need to learn than I thought I had to learn before I began!

Thank you Ron and Bill for sharing your stories and your decades of wisdom with us!


Thank you to each one of our investors. The truth is the Winston-Salem Fellows cannot and will not exist without the generosity of people like you. Please consider at what level you are able to give this year. 

You can give online by CLICKING HERE

You can give by mail by writing a check to the WS Fellows and sending it to:

Winston-Salem Fellows
851 W. 5th Street
Winston-Salem, NC 27101

NEW!!! You can now give to the Fellows by Credit Card!

Please email me at or to learn how!


And each time we receive one, this is what happens...

Please help this happen!!!


THANK YOU NIGEL ALSTON, Executive Director of the Black Repertory Theater Company, for inviting us to volunteer and attend the Black Nativity - hands down my favorite Christmas Holiday Tradition. 

If you have not ever attended this performance - put it on your calendar for next December. 

Joseph and some shepherds and us

We had so much fun. 

Christina selling tickets

Rahel and Julia at the concessions tables
Alex and Jessica greeting people

Sean greeting Sarah Alston
Ned and Lia on Will Call duty
An amazing night had by all

Other Highlights from a Highlight Filled Week

The Fellows take over Skatehaven!!!
Anna Rose's Choral Concert

Eating lunch at one of my favorite restaurants El Triunfo
Jessica and Alex enjoying the Nutcracker Saturday night
Cassia Capital Christmas Party

Going on a "Recruiting Trip" to Chapel Hill with Matt Hornaday, John Kirkwood and David Speakman. Go Cats! and Thanks Matthew!

If so, please have them contact me. I would love to meet them!


Keep spreading the word and sharing the love!

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