Monday, February 27, 2017

UPDATE - week of February 20

Freedom Ride - 2017
Hard Week 

Thank you so much for your prayers for the Wittenberg family. It was one of the hardest, most emotional experiences of my life - and a great honor to serve as a representative for so many, whose lives have been touched by Doug. 

that little guy is me

Here is a Link To The Sermon Doug gave just a month ago. 

This is Doug: "Any suffering we go through in this life is an opportunity to remember our salvation - that this is just temporary. There is an eternal life waiting for us where none of this will be a part of it. I have been healed fully - this I know. I have been healed from the ultimate disease that is killing us all. And that is what I stake my future on. And where my hope is."

Special Guests

On Monday, we had two very special guests at Round Table. (Thank you Susan Scott for hosting!)


This photo was taken from their time in the Peace Corps in China
After dinner (thanks Susan!), we had Q. and A. with mom and dad. It was pretty hilarious. And touching. 

I'm a lucky guy to have parents like I do. 

I am loving this spring-like February we are having - being able to eat outside in shorts! Crazy!

On Wednesday, we had a special Leader Lunch with Steve Lineberger. 

Thank you Baird for allowing us to use your conference room. 

Steve absolutely nailed it. He understands the Fellows and seamless living better than I ever will. It truly was an honor to listen to his stories and gather some of his wisdom...

Like: "You are not here to make a name, you are here to glorify a name."

And: "Use your God-given gifts with humility because you know where they came from. But use your God-given gifts with boldness because you know where they came from."


On Friday, we thanked our professor Jack Wilkerson with the title of "Honorary Fellow."

Jack, you were amazing. You took this year to an 11!

Helping Hands

Dakota and Jordan and Will and Jalen
Every Wednesday, the Fellows head down Marshall Street to help tutor and spend time with our young friends. It truly gets better every week!

Reese takes helping to the next level as he drives Lucy to school for his Host Family


On Friday, my friend Terrance Hawkins took us on a Freedom Ride, a moving (in more ways than one) education of the story of Winston-Salem through the eyes of African Americans.

Awesome! I hated to miss it.


I have finally become an official Highlands Ability Battery Consultant!

Thank you, Dori Stiles, for being an amazing coach. It is an honor to join your ranks. 

To learn more about the H.A.B. CLICK HERE.

Let me know if you or your organization have interest in getting assessed.

Also, Thank You Kerry and Kelly Koberg for hosting me this weekend in Highlands Ranch, Colorado (see what I did there?). 

Kerry and Kelly are such amazing friends. They welcomed me in as part of the family. And I am writing it here for all to see - we will be visiting them as a family soon. 

Kelly, Ned and Kerry

Pressley, Piper and Jackson
ALSO! The Fellows Board had a great Board Retreat on Saturday without me! So proud of our team! Thank you Josh Benoit for your leadership!!!


-This week we have our final Peace Making Class with Steve Beck.
-Leader Lunch with John Dickenson (board member and Jamaican!)
-Center For Creative Leadership
- Ash Wednesday Service at Hope Presbyterian
-Class with Clay Cooke
-Team Trip to West Forsyth to cheer on Sean Henderson as he coaches High Point Central's JV Baseball Team

Pray for family time as we re-engage after being away. I'm unfortunately leaving again this coming weekend for an Elder Retreat. Bummer.

Pray for more applicants. We are 25% full, and I'd like to be 100%!
Pray for our finances. We need 13k for Israel and about 20k to complete our year in the black.
Pray for our Fellows and their Futures.
Pray for our Host Families, Mentors and Churches.

It takes a village!

I'm glad y'all live in mine!

The next three weeks are pretty quiet for me. So I'd love to get some coffee, walks, adult beverages scheduled! Let me know!

Keep living the dream!!!

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