Friday, May 12, 2017

Holy Land Day 1

It is going to be difficult to put into words (or even pictures) how amazing this journey to the Holy Land was for all of us. In the next week, the Fellows will be sharing their stories and pictures on this blog in hopes to convey a little bit to the rest of the world the profundity of our experience.

thank you, to all of you who helped make this trip happen.

We arrived at the Tel Aviv airport around 8:30pm Tel Aviv time (1:30pm EST) after a full day of travel from Washington DC to Istanbul to Israel. Regardless of the time, we were pretty tired. It was about a two hour trek to Nazereth where we stayed in a compound of apartments attached to the English Hospital.

English Hospital accomodations
Ned made the call that we would start our official trip with a sunrise hike to Mount Precipice.

Christina taking in the view of the Valley of Armageddon from Mount Precipice
Sean read the Scripture from Luke where Jesus read the Isaiah passage about preaching the good news to the poor and freedom for the captives and releasing the oppressed then shared some insights while standing on the mountain the crowd led Jesus up in order to throw him off!

Sweet Spot to give a Sermon
Great job Sean!
We then spread out and spent some time alone.

Rahel overlooking Nazereth
Afterward we headed to Hunter and Lauri Lambeth's for breakfast and orientation. 

The porch was the place to be

After lunch we went on an afternoon adventure by the Sea of Galilee to one of my favorite places: Mount Arbel via the Jesus Trail. 

We met our tour guide for the week, Amer Nikola who became a great friend to all of us. 

Amer demonstrates the difference between Wheat and Chaff
Setting out
We logged 15+ miles Day 1!!!

The fields along the Jesus Trail
I met this little guy (nearly stepped on him!

The intrepid Dakota ready to climb now that he's had his fruit pop
Back up the valley from whence we came

Sunset from on top

Christina Sandstedt
Weary but full
the Sea of Galilee
Our home away from home
 A great first day of learning...of adventure...and of walking in the footsteps of our Lord

Overlooking Nazareth

Christina like her director likes to climb things

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