Sunday, May 21, 2017

Holy Land Day 6- Young Life Camp Day 1

Guest Contributor: Julia Lovett

The Fellows geared up on Sunday morning to welcome families from Jericho and Zababdeh to Young Life Camp at the Murad Hotel. Young Life works with children and adults with disabilities in Palestine and for two days the Fellows had the privilege and joy of spending time with these folks.

Their buses were greeted with enthusiasm by Ned and Dakota rocking paint suits and obnoxious afros. By the end of the camp the initial look of fear on some kids' faces would be replaced by smiles and laughter.

After welcoming the families with some dancing and silly games on the field and enjoying a delicious lunch (hummus always included), we kicked off camp with the first Club. The kids were very engaged in the games and skits ran by Fellows and Palestinian Young Life leaders.
Ned and Dakota as Abu and Achoo teaching the children to YEET!
Alex and Julia as the character Baba ganoush getting
ready for a run

Yousef, the Young Life Director in Palestine, sharing a message
with campers

One of my favorite parts of the camp was free time. After campers and their mom's settled into their rooms at the hotel, we took over the pool and had a blast swimming, dancing and playing!


  I loved watching Ned, Camille, Reese, Sean and Christina jump in and fully embrace each of the kids. From playing catch to coaxing kids into the pool until they felt confident, it was a beautiful thing to watch and be a part of.

We all refueled with a top-notch cook out filled with salads, hummus, pita bread, and loads of grilled hotdogs and lamb kabobs. This feast was then followed by the second Club of the day. The games had the campers laughing and everyone became more and more engaged as the night wore on.
Reese, the Penguin, introducing more games to Abu

Before this leader's entire head and face was covered
in shaving cream
Mothers' of campers observing it all

Another highlight of the day was the dance party that followed Yousef's talk. Glow sticks, loud arabic music and lots of jumping up and down-- what could be better?!
Fellows, Young Life leaders and staff, campers and their mothers.
                        What a crew!                         
Dakota and a camper taking a dance break

The first day of the camp was impactful to say the least. Being in community with these families and the local Young Life leaders was a beautiful reminder that the gospel turns the values of the world on its head. The gospel has the ability to bring people together across abilities, ethnicities, religions and nationalities. Witnessing this happen was personally my favorite part of our journey to the Holy Land.
Young Life Palestine for life. 

Dakota loves YL Palestine!

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