Monday, May 15, 2017

Holy Land Day 2

By Guest Contributor: Will Troxler

We began our second day by visiting Caesarea Philippi to see the remnants of the Shrine to Pan, an ancient Pagan worship site.

This is the same site referenced in Matthew 16:13 when Peter Declares Jesus as Messiah. To me, this was one of the most powerful experiences of the trip. We stood at the shrines of Pagan Gods to see where Peter denied them and claimed Jesus as Savior. All of this we experienced directly in front of the Gate of Hades, where human sacrifices were previously made in the name of Pagan Gods. This truly revealed to me the enormity of Peter claiming Jesus, here, in a Pagan Worship site; how awesome!

A close up view of the Gate of Hades

Reese read the passage and shared some thoughts

Rahel, Jessica and Julia
We ventured over towards the Sea of Galilee to see the village of Capernaum briefly and then hiked up to the Mountain of the Sermon on the Mount!

Sean reading Scripture in the synagogue at Capernaum
Will shared about Peter and Jesus at Peter's Primacy along the seashore

Christina read the Beatitudes from the Mount of Beatitudes. 

Our tour guide, Amer, teaching
A whole fish for lunch
After we cooled off in the Sea of Galilee with a quick boat ride and swim!

Julia hanging on for dear life
Hunter Lambeth flashing the YL sign
David our Captain
Ned tried to walk on water...

Dakota fished
To wrap up the day, we went to the Jordan River and 3 Fellows GOT BAPTIZED! Alex, Dakota, and Sean all got Baptized in the Jordan River, what an amazing experience to share with them

Dakota had a chance to read and share with us before his baptism

That evening, we had the special opportunity to meet Wael and his family. Wael grew up in the Gaza Strip and is on staff with Young Life in Nazereth. After he shared his story, we were able to lay hands on him and pray. A great ending to a great day!



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