Monday, July 16, 2018

UPDATE Week of July 16

Look who ran into each other down at OBX!


- Monday: Engagement Shindig for Reese and Julia...

Great to see the Summers! (in the background) Miss them!

Tuesday: Great planning meeting with Terrance Hawkins at a new favorite downtown coffee shop Off the Beaten Path 102 W. Third. Check it out!

This is Jemi the owner operator. She is an inspiration. 

Wednesday: Hanging out with Eric Mathis at the Community Garden and Love Out Loud's Service Week...

Let's grow this!

Also wrapping up a great week at Hope VBS...

Thursday: Hanging out with power ladies Erika Quaile and Jennie Hess as they plan a HOPE International Event that YOU ARE INVITED TO!!!!

Seriously - COME!!!

Link to register online: Register HERE for lunch with Peter Greer

Friday: Getting a surprise visit from Lucy Coats who has loved David since the day he was born...

Saturday: Crashing the Kids for Kids Triathalon

Speaking at Camp Merri-Mac and Timberlake to the counselors and then hanging out with Kyle Welch that night. 

Camp Merri-Mac last fall


Aly Hall

After receiving a recruiting letter from the Army tennis coach, I began to learn more about West Point. The Academy’s prestige, leadership development, and strong sense of duty and service appealed to me. I survived Cadet Basic Training the summer after a year of preparatory school and was thrilled to no longer be a new cadet. The academic year was grueling, but I dug in and endured the challenges West Point cadets face. I began to examine my next three years at West Point and my future career as an Army Officer. Through much contemplation and counsel, I decided to leave after completing my plebe (freshman) year and transferred to Covenant College because of the strong sense of community, commitment to Christ and serving others, location, and the tennis program. Some of my fondest memories include my amazing teammates, goofy coworkers and professors in the history department, tutoring my friends, and dorm life. I especially enjoy one on one conversations with friends at coffee shops. After graduating from Covenant this past May I am still unsure of what I want to do vocationally which is a major reason the Fellows program intrigued me. I am strongly leaning toward graduate school for psychology or pursuing a job in education. My passions include helping people, the environment, and service work. I want to learn what it means to be a Christian and faithfully follow Jesus in my vocation.

Bryan Pardue

My name is Bryan Pardue and my story varies from that of most of the fellows. I have not taken any college courses to pursue a degree yet. Not knowing which specific direction I want to take in life has taken me down a number of paths that have all given me an abundance of information. That is, knowing that I do not want to pursue that path. Since graduating high school, I have been diligently working to figure out my calling. I have worked case management for special needs patients, sales, missions, shift management, marketing, ministry, sports and even the medical field and I am grateful for all of the experiences. However, I am unbelievably excited to begin the Fellows and start working and learning with specific intention. I am eager to hone and sharpen my communication and networking abilities through the Fellows. But perhaps the thing that I am most excited for is the community. It will be interesting and encouraging to be with others with similar aspirations to mine and learning and growing with them. I cannot wait to be a part of this ambitious, Godly community and learn to serve well.


Do you have the gift of hospitality? If so, we would love you to offer it to the Winston-Salem Fellows by being a Host Family.

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David at camp

David at camp

The engaged couple

Natalie at the beach

Anna Rose on a horse

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