Monday, September 24, 2018

UPDATE Week of September 24

Christian has gotten quite comfortable here in Winston-Salem

We are celebrating our first month together!

Some might say too comfortable!

ROUND TABLE was pretty special. It was hosted by the trio of Morgan Bonds, Kate Donahoo, and Ashley Trewhella from last year's Fellows class. JP Flynn also came to visit as well as Abby Holdsworth's brother and his girlfriend from Wilmington. 

My new friend Madison who also goes to UNCW has called their two going on three weeks out of school as a "hurrication" I think that is hilarious. 

All that to say - we had a lot of fun eating, laughing, worshipping, and praying together Monday night. 

We hold hands in the Fellows

LEADER LUNCH was also a special time led by Dr. Sanford Danziger, a new friend of mine. He has had multiple lives, including: working during the infancy of the Peace Corps, practicing as a shrink in California, serving on the faculty for the Center For Creative Leadership, and founding a consulting company called Totally Responsible Person (TRP). He has also been developing a new program that he and his compatriots call "Looking Forward." It is centered around asking questions and listening to the collective wisdom in the room. 

Sanford doing his thing

It begins with a simple question: "What is an experience I've had in life, and what did I learn from it?" The next thing you know, we are sharing these amazing stories with these amazing life lessons. I was absolutely blown away by the "wisdom in the room." Thank you Sanford!

Sanford and the Fellows (Thank you Robinhood YMCA for providing space!)


We started our coursework this week. Ben Milner kicked us off with some theological groundwork. 

Ben Milner

Clay Cooke then proceeded to show us that everything we thought we knew was wrong! Ha! Just kidding. However, Clay's course is certainly one of the most interesting, provocative classes I've ever experienced. thanks Clay!

Clay Cooke


The view from the other side of 52

Terrance Hawkins led us on a Freedom Ride Friday afternoon. What is a Freedom Ride you ask? It's a tour of Winston-Salem from a black person's perspective. 

Speaking of provocative. 

Terrance helping us see a better way
It was so eye opening. If you live in Winston-Salem, I recommend doing something like this - it will rock you. 

Thank you Terrance!


The Winston-Salem Fellows are hosting our second annual START WELL Breakfast 

October 4
At River Birch Lodge. 

This is a great chance to meet and interact with the Fellows as well as learn about opportunities to get involved and support them. 

If you want to come, please email or call (336) 413-4918

Please come!


We have got bios up for all our Fellows at

ALSO! Our application is up and open for 2019-20!!! holy moley!


Jenny Fulton

I had the distinct privilege of getting to introduce Jenny Fulton at Rotary Club on Tuesday


Chanice read scripture at River Oaks this week.

Way to go Chanice!

Happy Birthday!

We had the chance to celebrate the birthday of Waughtown Pediatrics

Ellen, Ashley, and Lia

Nic and Ellen

I also ran into Nic and Ellen while they were on a midday date on Monday. They are the hosts of Chanice. They also put me to shame with their midday dates on go guys!

Brian Dooley

 Instead of a date, I had the opportunity to meet with my mentee for Leadership Winston-Salem. His name is Brian Dooley and is one pretty stellar individual, as is his caregiver David. I'm lookng forward to our friendship!

the Board
We had a great board meeting on Wednesday. Christian and Abby came and shared about their experience thus far. We actually voted on something. It was exciting!

Anna Rose is going places
She was also elected/selected captain for the JV Field Hockey team at Summit. Go Eagles!

the Deacs played valiantly, but you it's not easy to beat a team that has nuns praying for it

Hope Hoe Down
 Hope Pres. had a hoe down Saturday. What a hoot!


We need support!

If you want to offer yours, write checks to
Winston-Salem Fellows
851 W. 5th St.
Winston-Salem, NC 27101

or give online at



We are anticipating another great week.

ROUND TABLE at the home of Chis and Virginia Perry
LEADER LUNCH at Nigel Alston - one of the best!
SAM AND EGGS fundraiser for the Samaritan Inn. We are helping to welcome guests and point them in the right direction
FORSYTH PROMISE Event on Thursday
CLASSES with Ben and Clay
Lia's family coming to town. 
Wake v. Rice...
among other things.

We couldn't be more grateful that you have joined us on this journey. Thank you!

Keep sharing the story and spreading the love!

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