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Join the Hub Bub

This is one of those ask forgiveness later deals. Charlie doesn't know that I hijacked his website But I believe what Charlie and Ruth are doing in Greensboro is so great I want to give you a chance to jump on board! Below is info on two things: the Hub and the Grub. 
If you want more information, feel free to contact me or Charlie. (Don't mention the hijacking part) Gracias!
Click on "Hub2" for a cool powerpoint Charlie made. Hopefully, this link works. If not, go to their website.

What is "The Hub"?

Soooo glad you asked. The Hub is our nickname for all the various activities, community events, coffee shop, stage and residential housing planned for our magnificent building at 614 S. Elm St., Greensboro, NC! Take a few minutes to watch the slide show above that explains in more detail. But to be brief, our plans are to convert this old hotel into a hub activity which include the following:
Greensboro Grub: This is the community dinner we offer once a month. People from all walks of life find a home, a warm meal and loving interaction.
PB & Java: A Dessert Bar & Coffee Shop specializing in all things Peanut Butter! A community gathering place for coffee, internet, conversation, food and friends.

Spittin’ Image Performance Spot (SIPS): A place for actors, singers, performers, songwriters, poets and artists to offer their work to the community. A meeting place of joy.

Professional Academy of  Performing Arts (PAPA):
Teaching & mentoring underprivileged urban kids in the Performing Arts. Eventually becoming professional school for all ages developing actors, dancers, singers and writers.

Namida Residential  Studies: Using the 15 rooms on the 2nd floor, we hope to offer internships and training for others seeking to reach the City through the Arts and rich Community.
Over the next few years we will be raising funds (hint: notice the donation link below!) to make these plans a reality. Contact us and arrange an appointment to come see da place! We could have a meal together or have coffee on the front step and dream of the day we will drinking it on the inside!
How Can I Help?
Well, we can't do it alone! Really!! Please consider putting Peculiar People and The Hub on your prayer list! Pray for us. Then come to the Vision Weekend this November. And lastly, click the button below to donate online. Of course, we are available by phone, email or (even better) in person to talk to you about our dreams, our vision and our needs.

Greensboro Grub - News & Record

Published February 15 2009
Greensboro Grub - News & Record
News & Record takes an in depth look at the Greensboro Grub.  The detailed account takes a look at prep work, appetizers, the main course, desert, after-dinner entertainment, and more!

When they moved to Greensboro last year, they reinstated the monthly dinners. Except here, it’s called Greensboro Grub. And in addition to their friends, they invite local artists, writers, musicians and actors. It’s a way to meet other artists.
After dinner, guests share their talents. The Jones usually perform a skit. Some people play musical instruments or sing. Others may recite a poem or passage from a book they’re reading.
“It’s just been glorious.” Charlie Jones says.
Grubs are usually booked within 12 hours, once Charlie Jones posts the notice on his Web site.
He thinks of these gatherings as a mission a way of reaching out to others to spread goodwill and love. And to gather people from all walks of life and introduce them to each other.
They are Christians and non-Christians. Old and young. Black, white and Asian. Gay and straight.
At Greensboro Grub, it doesn’t matter who you are. All are welcome.
In less than two hours, the Joneses expect nearly 60 people for dinner.
If they’re at all stressed about this, it doesn’t show. Charlie Jones, wearing a blue apron and a smile, sips a Yuengling and pours creamy cornbread batter into a baking pan…

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