Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mamma Marathonna

With tears filling my eyes, I ran along side Lia for the last half mile of her first marathon.

Though she finished after me, she looked a lot better doing it.

But this marathon from the beginning was about Lia. I wanted this for her.  I've always known she could do it. But knowing and doing are two different things.

And she killed it! Her first marathon in 4 hours 27 minutes. Just a shade over 10 minute mile pace. Not too shabby.

She is a little sore for it. Yesterday, we were driving home and she literally had to lift her leg, with her hands, off the accelerator to put it on the brake (a little unnerving to say the least from my passenger seat vantage point). But she made it work. And I survived to write about it.

As for me, I went out a little on the ambitious side of things, running the first 18 at a 6:40 pace. Not too shabby. However by mile 20, my lack of training caught up with me. Everything out of my right eye was spinning to the right; everything out of my left eye was spinning the other way. If I looked forward, I automatically started running at a forty-five degree angle (not so good on a straightaway). The only way I made it to the finish was looking straight down and telling my self "one foot in front of the other." Somehow I crossed the line without being plucked out of the race by the medics. I finished in 3:04.

The congratulations really needs to go to Lia. The first is the hardest! I'm so proud of you, sweet love. Can't wait for the next one!

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