Tuesday, October 09, 2012


Rascal is my nephew Wesley's three year old hermit crab. That's right, three years old. I didn't even know that hermit crabs could get that old.

True, beside the very real and immediate risks associated with being raised by a seven year old, Rascal hasn't had much adversity in his life. Although he has been loaned to us a time or two for skits.

"The Hermit Crab Skit" is Lia's all time favorite it seems, for whenever skit duty falls to her, Aunt Mel gets a call. In the skit, if you haven't seen it, the unsuspecting teenager is instructed to walk from one side of a tarp to the other. Easy right? Then we place Rascal the giant hermit crab down on the tarp and blindfold the teenager. 

We count to five while quickly Rascal is rescued and in its place, we scatter Fritos all over the tarp. Mayhem ensues as the unsuspecting teenager hears the CRUNCH under their feet. The audience screams. The unsuspecting teenager screams. And fun is had by all. 

It was a great start to Lia's reintroduction to Young Life leading. She and a bunch of her friends have started YoungLives here in Winston-Salem. Basically, it's Young Life for teen moms. 

Last night was their inaugural meeting. And Rascal came out of retirement for the occasion. 
You go, Rascal. Last night, you made history. 


BearBear said...

Hehehh...crunch. Pretty sneaky! ;)

Anonymous said...

very good!