Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Something Has To Give

Lia and I had one of those Come to Jesus meetings a couple weeks ago. We were at our limit as a family, and it became painfully clear that something was going to have to give.

Sadly, the "thing" had to be this year's Mr. Davidson competition. For more on Mr. Davidson click here. It's one of the funnest events I've been a part of. And I've been a part of a lot of fun events...

Many of which were spawned by the most creative human being I have ever met: Hayes Trotter. This is us at his wedding a few years back.

The tie goes on the forehead when things get rowdy.

This is us doing program at Frontier Ranch - Dr. Science and Fat Skeleton Boy.

This is us after a Shifty Fish Concert. (Golly, i miss us)

Yes, I can honestly say that of all the people that have infused fun into my life, Hayes Trotter has been one of, if not the most preeminent infusers. 

He's responsible for teaching me the Bowl O Rama. He's also the one who came up with the Wooden Open

And Mr. D's results are in:

Hayes Trotter 56.5
Matt Pearson 50
Will Baldwin 45
Rix  Threadgill 39.5
Rick Apgar 36
Patrick Fernando 36
Goose 29

You are a worthy champion, my friend. Sorry I wasn't able to give you a run for your money this time. 

Go Cats. 

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