Monday, May 20, 2013

ISRAEL - Part 9 Lia's Highlight of the Trip

There are so many things to write about! I'm limiting myself to three more Israel blogs after this one. Before the months out I need to also get to stories about Adventure Princess camp, a pet fish, and a rescued bird. All said, May 2013 has been my garrulousest month to date.

So back to Israel. I'm skipping over some tremendous stuff to get to this: the House of Hope. This is where we are starting Young Life in Bethlehem. Not with the rich. Not with the influential. But with the blind and the down syndomed and the autistic girls and boys and men and women who have been rejected by their families. 

Yousef worked here for two years and couldn't think of any other students he would rather spend time with. And after spending an hour with them myself, it is easy to understand why. Lia had one of those weepy, snotty experiences where she laughs to cover up how emotional she has become only to create more mucous in the process that squirts out her nose and up her forearms. The kind of moment that makes me fall in love with her all over again. 

It's hard to blame her. We sang songs and listened to the prayers of these quick-to-be-made friends. 

 This young girl below can't speak, but she sat down next to Lia, proceeded to grab Ibrahim's arm then place it around was the first and perhaps only smile we saw on Ibrahim's face all week.

Yousef is putting together a Young Life Capernaum camp for these children this summer. If you are interested in supporting this project financially, contact me. 

And if you are ever in Bethlehem, spend a few minutes less at the Church of the Nativity and stop by the House of Hope. I promise you it will be just as, if not more, uplifting. 

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