Monday, October 17, 2016

UPDATE Week 8 Year 1

As if the Fellows year couldn't get any better...

Camille, Christina, Alex, Dakota, Will, Rahel, Julia, Jessica, and on the bottom: Reese, Sean, and Ned
The Fellows year did!

Here are some highlights from week 8.

MAD, SAD, and GLAD at the PERRY'S

Chris and Virginia Perry blessed us with a scrumptious Lasagna, Salad, and Garlic Bread dinner, chased with some fine beverages and laughter-filled conversation. 

The Perry's are expert hosts, and they welcomed the Fellows with open arms. They introduced us to a Perry dinner tradition of going around the table and sharing something we each were Mad, Sad, and Glad about. We kidded them that there were two negatives to the one positive, but none of us had any problem coming up with responses. Ha!

Afterward, we sat on the back patio around a fire and had a wonderful Round Table time of studying Scripture, sharing and praying for each other. 

Thank you Chris and Virginia!


On Wednesday, Forsyth Country Day (thanks Gardner) hosted our leader lunch with Ella Long, the Vice President of Talent Management at RAI Services (Reynolds American). Her living in a basement with her husband and a baby to successful business woman story was incredibly inspiring. 

Of all the Vice Presidents I know (true, I don't know too many), Ella is by far the most bubbly when it comes to personality. As one of our Fellows said, "No matter what you think about the tobacco industry, I'm glad that it's led by people like her!" 

Couldn't have said it better. 

Thanks Ella! (Sorry for the photo failure)

Steady Neddy and Ewa White, hosts of W-S Game Night

Afterward, I was back to helping host the Opening Retreat for Leadership Winston-Salem. Our team, once again was great, led by Mike Ford, Lea Metz, Jenny Scholl, and Robert Egleston. 

It was year two for my job of hosting Winston-Salem Game Night - basically Young Life for adults. Fun was had by all. Only one minor concussion. I'm happy to report she's ok. 

Of all the volunteer things I do, volunteering with Leadership Winston-Salem is no doubt one of my favorites. I leave the opening retreat utterly exhausted and utterly inspired by the men and women who live in this city. 

Here's to a great year LWS!


It was a quick transition for me as I came home Thursday night from the Leadership Winston-Salem Retreat to get ready for The Winston-Salem Fellows Fall Advance. 

By a set of quite fortunate circumstances, we were blessed with the opportunity to hold our Fall Advance at one of the most beautiful camps in North Carolina (aka anywhere) Camp Merri-Mac. 

I can't thank you enough Adam, Ann and Mary Page Boyd. 

The leaves were every color of the rainbow. 

As for content, I want to thank my wife Lia. She helped me big time, thinking through what to share this weekend. 

All in all, it was one of the most powerful two days we have had as Fellows and that I have had in years. One of our Fellows texted me last night and said: "Ned - hope you're enjoying time with the fam and getting some rest. Just wanted to thank you for facilitating my favorite days in NC thus far. I had an amazing time this weekend."

It truly was amazing. Some highlights: 

solitude up in Craggy Gardens

cooking together 

playing in Asheville and catching some college football and catching up with Kyle Welch and Erin Burgess

sitting around fires, worshipping together, bouldering, playing ultimate, playing our favorite games, watching the sunrise on top of Lookout, and simply being with each other...

I only teared up five different times.

thank you Merri-Mac! 

Rahel and Camille in Craggy Gardens

Julia, Alex and Will preparing dinner night 1
a happy ending to a paper towel roll fight

Post Ultimate Glory

Christina is about to eat Dakota's face

Julia, Alex, Christina and Rahel

Sean, Christina, Julia, Rahel, Will, Mary Page (our newest honorary Fellow!) and Ned enjoying the sunrise Sunday morning


Not all was great at the advance. 

Our Fellow Campbell Anderson had surgery on his ankle and was forbidden to come by his doctor. 

We are taking him out to lunch today and our hope is that he will be back to a fully functioning Fellow by the end of the week. 

For those of you with weak stomachs, look away now...

here is Campbell's foot. 


We sent out a bunch of cards and support envelopes last week. Very few (like none) have returned. 

I'm not freaking out yet, but we would love to stay in solid financial footing. 

Mail your support intentions today!!!

To donate online click

If you did not receive a support card and would like to donate, please email me.



As I look at the calendar, we have a pretty quiet week. Dinner at the Glenn's. Leader Lunch with Jay Helvey. Our first Guy/Gal Small Groups. A Board Meeting. And a Friends and Fellows Mountain Day next Saturday (can anyone say Pumpkin Patch, Corn Maze and Square and Line Dancing at the Allegheny Jubilee?) 


We had some breakthroughs this weekend with several Fellows. Pray that what happened on the mountain would continue to transform us down in the foothills. 

Pray for family time this week. I was gone basically five days last week and would love to reconnect well with the kids and Lia. 

Pray for our finances. Pray that folks are generous. Pray that we continue to be good stewards of the resources we have been given (Like our amazing Fall Advance that cost us less than $350). Thank you Jesus!

Pray for Friends and Fellows Mountain Weekend that we can enjoy each other in God's creation. (If you want to come - let us know! there is room for all!)

Thanks all. Keep sharing the story, supporting us, and spreading the love.

Dakota celebrating a birthday with his host family

Anna Rose showing off her latest field hockey trick

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