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During Round Table, the Fellows surprised me with birthday cupcakes. With the help of the kids, we managed to prevent our house catching on fire while blowing out all 42 candles! Holy smokes! Pardon the pun. 

Just one of the many ways I get more than I give from this organization...


Me and the boys headed down to Davidson to meet Fellows prospects for next year's 2017-18 Class! It makes a huge difference to have guys like Reese Schaffner, who knows everybody, and Dakota Lee, who can make friends with anybody, and Will Troxler, who is so darn handsome to go with me on recruiting trips. 

Thanks! Sid Druen for inviting us down. We will be back in a couple months. 

I'm going to say it - I'm praying for Two, maybe Three Davidsonians - to join the Fellows next year. 


Lee Covington, Richard Gottlieb, Kristen Perry, Will Troxler, Reese Schaffner, Dakota Lee, Sarabeth Abbey, Sean Henderson, Alex Loy, Christina Sandstedt, Julia Lovett, Rahel Tafese, Jessica Kok, Camille Stogner, and Ned

We had an unbelievable Wednesday with Richard Gottlieb, Lee Covington, and Kristen Perry at Senior Services. 

I have to admit, I'm a bit proud of our Fellow, Jessica Kok

Me, Kristen Perry and Jessica Kok

In the words of Kristen Perry, the Vice President of Community Engagement, "Jessica is making the Fellows Program look really good."

I'll tell you, we couldn't have been more impressed with Senior Services. Richard Gottlieb is in a class all his own. As for our Fellows, I don't think I have seen them so engaged. It was a truly inspiring, impactful afternoon. 

Thanks Senior Services! We are looking forward to volunteering with your Aging With Purpose Initiative. 

Speaking of volunteering...a bunch of Fellows spent the afternoon filling popcorn over at the Popcorn Emporium...I'll tell you, these Fellows are amazing!

Sarabeth said it was a big order...I'll say!


Thanks to Kevin Frack and the good people of Davie County, I was given the opportunity to share my story on Thursday morning at their NCS, which meets at the Captain's Galley in Advance. (Thanks Murf for introducing me!)

As a way to open up about the man God is shaping me into, I decided to talk about all the mentors that He has put in my life. First, my dad. And men like Mike Flavin, Rob Spach, Bob Gerwig, John Gayle, Ty Saltzgiver, Ray Siegler, Clyde Godwin and especially Fil Anderson (not to mention a very special woman, Lynn Barclay). It was on my heart to inspire these men to seek out mentors, but to also seek out others to mentor. I think I got my point across. 

It directly correlates to why I am so passionate about the Winston-Salem Fellows. Mentoring is what we do. We are in the business of developing world changers. And in the process, we are being changed! That's how it works. 


Thursday night, the Fellows got to Wait Chapel early to make sure we snagged great seats for the Tim Keller lecture. And was it worth it! What an intelligent defender of our faith! What a treat to hear him!

I also had the treat of hosting a new friend from Chicago - Chris Lesner, from NCS Chicago. He owns and operates this awesome website: that connects folks to organizations and giving opportunities all over the world. Great to have you Chris!


Well...while I drove to Durham to spend the night with old friends Sam and Savannah Best on my way to Denver to spend the weekend with Doug Wittenberg and his family...Campbell broke his leg!

I won't divulge the details, but you can pray for his recovery. 

I'll tell you, when the Director's far we have tallied two broken cars and one broken leg...good googa mooga...

Speaking of when the Director's away...


I hate I missed that, but I probably shouted so loud from Colorado that he could have heard it! So proud of that dude. 


To celebrate, Lia took the kids to the fair. 

The one thing Anna Rose wanted to do was ride the Ferris Wheel.

It appears Anna Rose got her wish. 

Meanwhile I was in heaven also known as Vail. The aspens were popping. 

Here is me hanging from the top of one.

What fun. 

As you know, the purpose of my trip was to spend time with my friend Doug who has stage 4 terminal cancer. He is on a new chemo drug that we are praying will slow down the tumor growth in his body. 

This photo was taken after I finished the Justice Run on Sunday morning. 

Jen, Doug's wife, and seven of her girlfriends have been raising support and awareness around human and sexual trafficking in Denver and around the world. This year's race brought in over $65,000 for the cause! 

I did my tiny little part by running. Somehow I finished ninth overall in the 10k with a time of 40:06. Not bad for a low lander just off the plane!

It certainly helps to be in a city I love with people I love. 

Like this guy. His name is Luke. He is Doug and Jen's sixth child! The first biological! After twenty three years of unprotected attempts, God gave them this surprise!!!

We became instant best friends.

It was also great to see Louise (seen below), Stella, Jacob (in the second photo below) Andrew, and Micah. 

Louise is leaving next week to work with YWAM

I knew this young man when he was barely walking!

I'll tell you, Campus Crusade acquired pure gold when they hired Jen and Doug to lead their Family Life ministry. Check out their resources at

All in all, it was a weekend to remember, which is why I will end this portion with a selfie in front our old house on Gilpin St. 

I don't exactly know how the new tenants have managed to place completely rotten pumpkins on the front stoop a full month BEFORE Halloween. I'm not saying it's because of the strong scent of wacky tobacky exuding from the window. 

All I can say is that the couple was very friendly. Through very slurred speech the lady of the house even asked me if I wanted to join their little party.  

I passed. 


This week we will be sending out requests for you to join us by supporting the Fellows Program financially. 

I am extremely proud of the fiscal leanness of this organization. Through tuition, churches, and business we cover over two-thirds of our budget. The rest is up to folks like you. 

If you want a support request (with a little gift from us to you), please let me know, and send me your address.


 This week...

Monday we are helping to Host the Uncommon Family at Redeemer. Starts at 6:30. You should come!!!

Tuesday is meetings day. 

Wednesday Sean and I will be volunteering at Habitat. Then we will meet up with the rest of us for a Leader Lunch with Andrew Boyd and a surprise guest! Then we will be heading to the Center for Creative Leadership for professional development. 

Thursday we are heading back to Greensboro to participate in an Israeli/Palestinian dialogue at the Civil Rights Museum!

Friday, the Fellows will be learning from Cathy McDowell and Will Waldorf. Then most of them will be heading to Windy Gap to serve with Forsyth County's Young Life trip. Fellows will both be in cabins and on work crew! 

As for me, please pray that God would continue to show us what He is up to and give us the strength and wisdom to jump in with Him. 

Pray also for my family. We have been struggling with health related stuff the last couple weeks. No fun. 

Thanks everyone. 

Keep up the good will!

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