Monday, April 29, 2019

UPDATE Week of April 29

The Fellows were here!


Another great week in the life of the Fellows. 

Get ready: lots of photos coming your way.

Tim loves photos

Even Laura, who typically avoids photos, loves the photos this week

Monday: Round Table with Kevin and Becky Dollinger. The Dollingers are the host family for Christian McConnon. they live south of town on a beautiful property that backs up to a cow pasture. 

Laura almost hit a deer on the way home. 

A beautiful night was had by all. Thanks Dollingers!

Tuesday: Aly Hall had her first article published for the Board of Elections!

riveting stuff right here

Ned also got to meet Mathu's mom. Pretty fired up about that. 

Also - you got to get on Mathu's blog It is SO GOOD!

Wednesday: Leader Lunch with Bill Satterwite

This way to lunch

Bill was great. He covered a range of topics (as you might expect Bill Saterwite to do). It was also as you might expect enlightening and inspiring. Thanks Bill!

the Rooftop at Bailey Powerplant
Sorry Andrew. Leader Lunch photo fail
Also: Laura Johnson got to be part of signing day at RJ Reynolds!

Super Coach right there
In the act of signing. Congrats!

Tutoring with G.I.D.E.

It is so cool seeing how excited these kids are to see the Fellows!

Friday: Fellows National Conference!

Yep. There it is.
 All twenty-two programs from around the country converged on the nation's capital for a weekend of learning, connecting, and merry-making.

All objectives were accomplished.

Road trippin with Fellows!

watch our car pool karaoke vids below...

Winston-Salem and Greensboro Fellows are friends!
Breaking bread with friends from across the country
Dr. Irwin Ince was our speaker Friday night. So good. 

High Welschel of the Institute for Faith, Work, and Economics spoke Saturday morning. 

And Dr. Walter Kim spoke on Saturday night. 

In addition to that there was late night gatherings and free time in our nations capital!

rising from the metro

One of the highlights for the Fellows was getting the chance to visit the Museum of African American History. So cool! Behind them in line were some folks from Winston-Salem. 
taking it to the streets

where did they go?
Jump for joy part one

jump for joy part two

It was everything but restful. 

I got to run into several Fellows from Winston-Salem who are doing programs other places!

Caro and Abby Clark!
Anna Youssef!

I had Directors stuff all day Saturday so I had to get in my sightseeing in the early morning. Fortunately, our hotel was only four miles from the National MAll

me and martin
The wouldn't let me go up the stairs. erg.

Breakfast together

then it was time to go home...
more photos later.


We are three weeks away from boarding the plane to Greece! 

If you want to help support us, please DONATE HERE


Our spring fundraising goal is 20,000 dollars. 

If you have not given to the Fellows this year, or if you would like to help us toward meeting this goal, send checks to 

851 W. 5th St.
Winston-Salem, NC 27101


PO Box 20514
Winston-Salem, NC 27120


give ONLINE at



Monday: Round Table at David and Shannon Rainey's

Tuesday: Winston-Salem Prayer Breakfast

Wednesday: Leader Lunch with Michael Ford

Thursday:YMCA Prayer Breakfast

Friday: Classes with Jeff Trollinger and Stephen Edwards and Gardner Barrier

Then: Greece Orientation Lunch with Kendra Norton

Should be fun!!!


Visiting CG Hill while our house is being shown. Pray for an offer!!!

Hold on tight!

stop interrupting us Ned, we are in the middle of something

friends across America

David and Salem

a little low, guys

someone is always in the middle of taking a bite

green grass for America

one of Christian's friends joined us for dinner

metro surfing

Bill Satterwite is so cool

Thanks all! Keep sharing the story and spreading the love!!!

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