Monday, May 06, 2019

UPDATE Week of May 6

What does it look like to have finished your final big project as New Canaan Society Fellow?


For Christian, like this...

The Prayer Breakfast

For the team

Bright and early

 Tuesday morning, 5:30am - the Fellows showed up to help host the annual Citywide Prayer Breakfast at the Benton Convention Center. 

Several attendees made it a point to tell me how impressed they were with these guys. 

I was impressed they showed up! 5:30am ain't easy for nobody!

"this happened"

Speaking of sacrificial love and doing whatever it takes - Mathu Gibson took one for the team and rode in on his horse for work. 

Mathu wrote another great blog yesterday. Check it out


Abby Holdsworth designed the two Mothers Day Cards on the right
Abby volunteered her skills for Young Lives and designed two of these beautiful cards for Mothers Day. If you are interested in purchasing one or two of five - email (that's former fellow Julia Lovett by the way!


Tim Spangler. Advertising genius
On Friday, Tim was wearing his Fellows t-shirt and his Wake Forest Business School hat. Quite a combo!

Lia and I Stripes and Gingham

Friday night, Lia and I were repping our kids school colors at May Frolics 

Color Run

Anna Rose and friends were repping the track team at the Summit Color Run


Round Table - Thanks David and Shannon Rainey for a great evening. It was absolutely beautiful outside which made eating and meeting outside just perfect. 

We let the Fellows slip out early because of our responsibilities the following morning at the Prayer Breakfast.

Citywide Prayer Breakfast - 

Prayer hands

The Fellows helped welcome and provide logistical support for the annual Citywide Prayer Breakfast at the Benton Convention Center Tuesday. A great morning - even if it did start earlier than we perhaps would have wanted!

Either The Blueberry Muffins were tiny or Andrew Miller is huge. 

Christian putting together some final details
Leader Lunch with Mike Ford. This is the second year in a row that Mike provided lunch and hosted the Leader Lunch at his home solo. 

Mike and the Gang
When I think of a servant leader, Mike Ford ranks near if not on the top of my list. 

What a gift to have a man and a family like his in our community. 

The impossible problem of what to do with the pillows when sitting on a couch.

School of Love - 

What a gift

It felt like a homecoming walking into the room at the School of Love kick off event Thursday night. Thank you Clay and Terrance for your leadership and partnership in Kingdom work in our community!

Moving on up - 

not bad...
We got bumped from our normal classroom to the penthouse of Farrell Hall on Friday. 

It was quite an upgrade, not that the old digs were bad!

Jeff Trollinger absolutely slayed up with practical financial teaching - the Fellows told me to book him again!

Jeff knocked it out of the park

You follow that?
Stephen Edwards also came and was a great contributor. 

Then, Gardner Barrier showed up for our second hour and taught us how to budget. 

A great morning

Greece Orientation - 

From there, Kendra Norton from First Pres led us in a Greece Orientation for our Mission Trip coming up in a couple weeks. 

I expected a 10 out of 10 from her - she delivered like a 12 out of 10!


One of the best trainings I have ever been a part of. Thanks Kendra!!!!

End Game - 

Several Fellows joined the rest of the world to watch End Game this weekend. We headed for the hills so we didn't have to deal with the logistics of showings.  (Definitely a huge prayer request for the Ericksons: pray our house sells soon!) 

My girl

We went fishing. 

and swinging

We are holding on - but we are near the end of our rope!


No big news. We have an interview this Tuesday. 

Also this week, I received news about a great finance/accounting position for a Fellow. Let me know if you have anyone who would be a great fit! 

We need a guy like Tim. Not that Tim could ever be replaced!

Christian sent this picture from Youth Group - folks getting their buckets filled with all kinds of stuff...


Please consider supporting the WS Fellows financially. Any amount is appreciated!

Send checks to 

WS Fellows
851 W 5th St. 
WSNC 27101


WS Fellows
PO BOX 20514
WSNC 27120



wink to the future
Yes. The future is bright!

Round Table tonight at Keith and Emily Davis'!

Anna roses Chorus Concert tomorrow night

Wednesday Leader Lunch with ELMS ALLEN!

Wednesday Evening Board Meeting!

Thursday LWS Lunch and Learn

Friday Classes with Nigel and Derek Radney

Friday Lunch with Mathu's Mom! That is going to be AMAZING!!!

Things are shaping up for another great week!

More pics

so stylish

so stylish

so stylish

so stylish

feverishly taking notes

Anna Rose wanted me to see this

 Thanks All! Keep sharing the story and spreading the love!!!

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